The Very Best in Design

M Square Lifestyle Necessities is more than a furniture showroom. It is an inspirational playground for the soul that captivates the imagination and provides solutions with carefully selected products of the highest quality and representative of the very best in design.


B&B Italia has become one of the most recognized and acclaimed Italian furniture manufacturers in the world, with their pieces renowned for their comfort, attention to detail and individuality.  MSquare is proud to be the sole supplier of B&B Italia in South Africa.


Molteni & C is an exclusive ‘made in Italy’ brand, and allows the creation of homes which are more essential, more comfortable, more genuine, and more unique to you.  With their luxurious sofas, tables, shelving systems, beds, and more, you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for.  M Square is the exclusive supplier for Molteni & C in South Africa.


Since 1925 the Porro family manages a company supporting a unique furnishing philosophy, matching handicraft tradition of the time with the most modern advanced manufacturing and information technologies.  For a storage space you’ve always dreamed of, look no further.


Ironic, unconventional, fun, fiery and creative, a way of being and of dressing that also becomes a way of furnishing. A new adventure that lets you customise your space, and adventure that goes beyond clich├ęs and brings your personality to light


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